Thursday, September 8, 2016


“Meet Us Here”, a group exhibition to experience
De Chiara Projects- Salon Space Mitte

September 12- 30

Artists: Summer Wheat, Delia Gonzalez, Rachel Urkowitz,
Lisa Kirk, Micki Pellerano, Mary Ann Strandell, Tine Steen,
Rachel Phillips, Dustin Schenk, and more.

Private View Tours begin September 12 th
Meeting Point: Central Mitte
(contact to arrange)

Mary Ann Strandell, California Dwelling, 3D Lenticular 
Surprise and discovery are the inspiration behind “Meet Us Here” the upcoming group exhibition of
international artists at De Chiara Projects: Salon Space Mitte. Everything begins with a meeting point.
Participate in a truly private view during the upcoming Berlin Art Week,
With art overload, to see, process, and experience this is an opportunity to let go and temporarily go on
an unknown art path which can be exhilarating.
CONCEPT: Only a meeting point is provided for each group, there is very little information provided
about the exhibition, the artists, or the location only once you “meet us here”, does the entire
experience unfolds. Visitors will not know where they are going, what they will see, just follow
“your” art guide. Everyone can be a guide, just gather a group of curious art goers and the
mysterious adventure begins. It is about discovery and seeing artworks on your own terms with a group of people.
Who Runs the show: The exhibition is run by the visitors, YOU and your colleagues/friends are in
charge. The initial guided tours will be led by selected guests of the artists and gallery followed up by
word of mouth promotion: tour leaders will invite and bring friends on the next tour. Each tour is
unique. Open to all, the only requirement is that you create a shared experience and bring others to
guide them through the exhibition.

Why?: The dialogue starts with the intention to have an unknown artistic encounter, a shared
experience, and discussions with others viewing the exhibition. Traditionally we bring preconceived
notions to the art context, with the exhibition text, artist images, or being guided by art expert.
“Meet Us Here” will not provide explanations or answers, but rather will invite you to see it through
your own eyes and create dialogue. Everyone has a unique entry point: themselves.

Opening Times: The space will be open flexible hours to accommodate requested
De Chiara Projects - NY/Berlin
+1. 646.339.7080
+49. 0171.414.3954

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