Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review #2 on Shaky Ground Exhibition

New York’s Lesley Heller Workspace, ‘Shaky Ground’: Seeing Nature in New Ways 
Jeanne Wilkinson :
Curator D. Dominick Lombardi uses the work of fourteen artists to form a narrative of 
anxiety and contemporary malaise: that is, we’re all on ‘shaky ground.’ Collectively, 
the work is neither illustrative nor does it serves as propaganda for any particular issue 
or message—it’s subtler than that. In his catalog essay, the curator explains how each 
piece fits within the premise, but it’s an interesting challenge to consider the artwork, 
deciphering the “shaky ground” message on its own merits...
An excerpt:  
Mary Ann Strandell in Trestle, Rock, Dam (2011) gives us a picture book blue sky 
world of chirping birds and butterflies surrounding a railway trestle that appears 
to be tilting, disconnected to anything of substance, as if the story-book lives we 
make up for ourselves maybe aren’t all that stable. That, in fact, they might topple 
and dissolve into fragments at a moment’s notice.

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Mary Ann Strandell: Trestle, Rock, Dam,
48 x 36", oil on canvas, 2011

Shaky Ground
Curated by D. Dominick Lombardi
Lesley Heller Workspace, NYC
January 8–February 14, 2016
54 Orchard Street, NYC 10002
Gallery hours Wed. – Sat. 11-6, Sunday 12-6