Monday, November 30, 2015

Parallax: Exhibition Catalogue

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Mary Ann Strandell
      November 6- January 16, 2016
Opening Reception: November 6th
Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art
"The Moon", detail, 60" x 48", oil on canvas, 2015
Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art
2004 Baltimore Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone:(816) 221-2626

Mary Ann Strandell's, Parallax solo exhibition explores the use of optics and ideas of perception in a new installation of painting and lenticular media at Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art. Her subject matter of architecture, nature, and history are considered within a utopic and dystopic contemporary canon. With painting inventions and re-considerations, she scrutinizes the use of digital tools and screens that reshape our framework of pictorial dialogues in drawing, mapping and form as a hybridity of the anaolog and digtal.
"I'm interested in the parallel constructs along different lines of sight", with crossovers of private and public space. The experience of intimacy and immensity interacting with, and making form that dissolves and reoccurs simultaneously." She activates the surface and depth of images in her painting process, as well as the moving images within the optics of the lenticular media. Relating to location, and staging, "I consider the ephemeral and transitory nature of both figuration and abstraction." 
This new work allows a “time travel” of the eye; shifting images into moving parts. Adjustments of figure/ground allow linear structures to be built or re-built, in a paradoxical descending or ascending manner- especially in the recent works of the NY @Apple Store staircase, with their vestige homage to Marcel Duchamp's stop-motion studies. The new oil paintings in Parallax converse with Strandell's complex lenticular media, shifting both of these adage systems into an algorithm with optics, that change as the viewer's observational points move. 

Mary Ann Strandell, Stairs as Ghost, 3D Lenticular 40x32"

Mary Ann Strandell, "The Moon", oil on canvas, 60x48"

Mary Ann Strandell, "Scope (Royal)", oil on canvas, 60x48"

Mary Ann Strandell, Tiki Fox Red, 3D Lenticular Print

Mary Ann Strandell, Yellow and Blue w Interior, oil on 3D Lenticular 

Mary Ann Strandell, Double Drunk (w Stairs), 3D Lenticular

Mary Ann Strandell, "The Study (with Lunaria)", oil on canvas, 36x36"

Parallax Exhibition, Mary Ann Strandell, Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

Parallax Exhibition, Mary Ann Strandell, Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Bemis Auction

The Bemis Auction and Exhbition
November 11- 21, 2015

The Auction Benefit: Saturday November 21st
5:45 to 9:00pm. Get tickets in advance.
The Bemis Center For Contemporary Art, 724 South 12th Street, Omaha NE
The Bemis Auction and Exhibition
Paddle 8
Mary Ann Strandell, Bamboo Forest/Hokaaii, Lenticular Tritych, 2015