Saturday, March 28, 2015

In Good Company

In Good Company Exhibition
Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art
Opening Reception, Friday April 3, 7-9 pm

2004 Baltimore Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64108

Mary Ann Strandell, “Mad Man Stairs with (VA) Silver”, 27.75”x 46”, 3D Lenticular Print on Sintra, 2015
In Strandell’s recent "Mad Man Series", she interweaves a network of images from oil paintings, ink drawings and 
photos that reference some aspect of stage sets, films, museums, nature books, and modernist architecture. 
Presented as lenticular media, these hyperbolic constructions question the notions of space, archive, data, 
and meme that can be be inverted or re-asserted in the context of painting and installations. 
The interactive movement, through the optical lens, suggests segments of time; both perpetual and indefinite.