Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mimosa's and More: Brunch + Artist Talk

MIMOSA'S AND MORE~April Price Project Gallery
Join us in the gallery!
Saturday: November 9th, 11:00am-1:30pm
Brunch will start at 11:00am before the artist talk at 12:30.
Mary Ann Strandell and Ann Dunbar will both be giving talks
about their current exhibitions in the gallery. We encourage guests
to bring their own questions and to have an open dialogue with the artists.
Mary Ann Strandell, "Transit Trail Bird,Serape"

Rift Valley, Mary Ann Strandell:
Exhibiting October 14-December 6, 2019 in the Main Gallery
Through the Lives, Ann Dunbar:
Exhibiting October 14-December 6, 2019 in the Design Studio Gallery

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Rift Valley

Mary Ann Strandell: Rift Valley
October 14 - December 7, 2019

Opening Reception, Friday October 18, 5-8pm 
April Price Project Gallery
201 3rd Street NW, Suite G
Albuquerque, NM  87102
Transit Tower, with Bonito and Goff, 42x32”, 3D lenticular 

Strandell’s exhibition engages intervals of place that intersect physical and virtual space through her multiple visits between New Mexico and New York. Rift Valley exhibition  combines her three-fold studio practice as a container of an expanded field from volcanic rock to the spiral stair. The installation will combine her outdoor-studio oils, architecture paintings, and 3D lenticular prints.

Press release: April Price Projects Gallery

Mary Ann Strandell, Red River Gorge, oil+pigment on primed paper, 2018


April Price Project Gallery
201 3rd Street NW, Suite G
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Ph- 505-573-0895

https://www.maryannstrandell.com/  Instagram @maryannstrandell

Friday, August 2, 2019

Exhibition: Late Summer Showcase

A group exhibition of new work from gallery artists
August 2nd - August 24, 2019

Opening First Friday _ August 2nd  7:00-9:00pm #crossroads

Fred Nelson, Mary Ann Strandell, Beth Lo, Marcus Cain,
Cathy Logan, Roger Shimomura, Ky Anderson,
Carol Stewart, Anne Austin Pearce, Karen Kunc
Mary Ann Strandell,
"Hudson Yard/ Construe",
3d Lenticular Media
Mary Ann Strandell,
“Hudson Yard / Kimono / Zaha”,
28x22”, 3d Lenticular 
Mary Ann Strandell, “Poly River Blue”,
32x32”, 3d Lenticular Print Media

Mary Ann Strandell,
Transit Bird Shawnee,
42x32, Lentiuclar Media

Mary Ann Strandell, oil painting,
"Missouri River-August,
30" x 30", 2017

2004 Baltimore Ave
Kansas City, MO, 64108

Press: Best American Poetry Blog

The Best American Poetry    July 28, 2019

Summer studio shots with Mary Ann Strandell... [by Katie Peyton Hofstadter]

Mary Ann Strandell, "Tower/construction/Tribeca", 2019

This month, I am locked in the shimmery construction sites of Mary Ann Strandell. I snapped these process shots in her studio, and then we planted a geranium border in her garden. Her husband Michael Rees also creates fantasies: giant AR-enabled inflatables into which you can project your dreams or nightmares.
I like her paintings at this stage, when it looks like they could collapse. The light is gnawing at the western edge of the scaffolding; the light is smashed into the sixth floor balcony. It is drippy with life juices. At this moment, the painting still believes it can grow up to be an astronaut. (Is the painting female? Will there will be a space suit in its size?)
Mary Ann Strandell, "Tower/cell", oil on canvas, 2019

Review of "Afflatus" by Elizabeth Johnson

21 Jun 2019 _ Afflatus _ 5-50 Gallery _ Reviewed by Elizabeth Johnson

Afflatus, or divine inspiration, gathers a score of current artists who reuse classical stories or old master techniques, making the point that art history unifies taste broadly, organically, and randomly.
The work sorts into four categories, and several artists qualify for more than one. Alex Melamid, Suzanne Unrein, Janice Nowinski, Barbara Friedman, Sherie Franssen, Deborah Brown, and Kyle Staver convey Old Master rigor with morphing and flourishing style. Michael Mapes, Amy Hill, and Julie Heffernan stretch time by luxuriating in prodigious detail. Mary Ann Strandell, Sydney Cash, and Michael Rees separate from the subject to create space. And Betty Tompkins, Linda Griggs, Kathleen Gilje, Alexander Gorlizki, Charles Browning, Yonadav Greenwood, and Ruth Marten devise tangential narratives through reversal or replacement.
Like burgeoning nature, "Afflatus" evades consummation. Tasked with reinventing the tree, the artists start with the leaves, forget the trunk and roots, and dazzle with bits and pieces.
Exhibition Afflatus
Start date 22 May 2019
End date 23 Jun 2019 (40 days ago)
Presenter 5-50 Gallery link
Venue 5-50 51st Avenue, Long Island City, NY, USA map
Image Michael Mapes, Dutch Agatha, 2019, 20 x 20 x 3.5 inches, courtesy of 5-50 Gallery
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Press for Afflatus Exhibition

Musée Magazine  

Jul 8 _ Art Out: 5-50 Gallery Presents "Afflatus" _ Art Out
June 23rd marked the end of “Afflatus” at the 5-50 Gallery. The exhibition included twenty artists’ works, with their own modern twist on classical works, strengthening connections from the past and the present.
Afflatus serves as an homage to long standing techniques, while celebrating modern art. The exhibited artists draw lessons on techniques and compositions, while creating something rich with humanity. Continuing this tradition, the artists in Afflatus make a strong connection between past and present. Themes of feminism, politics, and even punk rock all walk alongside these recreations of these paintings, reminding viewers of the timelessness of century-old work.
The exhibition was curated by Suzanne Unrein and Amy Hill. Exhibited artists included Deborah Brown, Charles Browning, Sydney Cash, Sherie Franssen, Barbara Friedman, Kathleen Gilje, Alexander Gorlizki, Yonadav Greenwood, Linda Griggs, Julie Heffernan, Amy Hill, Michael Mapes, Ruth Marten, Alex Melamid, Janice Nowinski, Michael Rees, Kyle Staver, Mary Ann Strandell, Betty Tompkins, Suzanne Unrein.
photos by © Andrés Mercado
LINK: Musee Magazine_5-50 Gallery

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Upcoming Exhibition: Afflatus
Curated by Amy Hill and Suzanne Unrein.
Opens May 22nd - June 23, 2019
Opening Reception, Thursday, May 22, 7-10 pm

Betty Tompkins, Women Words (Titian #5), 2018
Mary Ann Strandell, 3D Lenticular

Afflatus Exhibition ~ Nymphs seduce satyrs with robust sexuality and knowing indifference.  Zeus’s eagle thrusts Ganymedes through the sky. Chiaroscuro portraits hold mysteries of now dead sitters, and nature morte comes alive through the dynamism of the Baroque. “Afflatus” loots from the rich playground of the Old Masters by re-examining, subverting, glorifying and reveling in their historical weight. The artists use whatever materials suit them –smeared paint making a mockery of an alluring temptress, digital imagery combining with oil to destabilize a traditional technique – to play out their own re-contextualization of enduring themes. ~
Exhibiting artists: Deborah Brown, Charles Browning, Sydney Cash, Sherie Franssen, Barbara Friedman, Kathleen Gilje, Alexander Gorlizki, Yonadav Greenwood, Linda Griggs, Julie Heffernan, Amy Hill, Michael Mapes, Ruth Marten, Alex Melamid, Janice Nowinski, Michael Rees, Kyle Staver, Mary Ann Strandell, Betty Tompkins, Suzanne Unrein. ~
Gallery 5-50
5-50 51st Ave.
Long Island City, NY
Director: Elliott De Cesare
HOURS: Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm