Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Artwork for "An Unsuitable Princess"

Artwork for new "experimental memoir" by Jane Rosenberg LaForge
Pre-book Launch February, 2014. Full Book Launch, NYC April / May 2014

"An Unsuitable Princess" by Jane Rosenberg LaForge
Artwork by Mary Ann Strandell includes the cover image and
20 collaged / layered studies for 3D Lenticular Prints.

My art work for An Unsuitable Princes, responses to the bifurcated text of Jane's experimental memoir. The Pop Baroque and California Moderne are rooted in my oeuvre. WIth Jane's text I have re-configured new drawings and paintings for my vast archived image pool. They unfold as a mash-up in my hyperbolic lenticular prints, activated by the viewer through an optical lens.    Mary Ann Strandell, February 2014 


An Unsuitable Princess:

A True Fantasy / A Fantastical Memoir

Jane Rosenberg LaForge

art by Mary Ann Strandell

An Unsuitable Princess: A True Fantasy/A Fantastical Memoir tells two stories simultaneously. In the first, which takes place in Renaissance England, a mute stable girl of mysterious talents and potentially dangerous parentage finds herself punished for saving the life of the boy she loves. The second story, told through a series of footnotes to the first, is situated in the late 20th Century and explain the inspirations for the first story. An overly talkative, solidly spoiled, middle class girl muses on the social and economic phenomena the author observed while growing up in Hollywood during the birth of the hippie movement, the sexual revolution, women’s liberation, and the growth of Renaissance England re-enactments. She does not save the boy she thinks she loves. Indeed, she may have hastened his death. Even years later, the only way she can acknowledge this failure is by spinning an elaborate fantasy that becomes the tale of a wretched orphan who turns out to be a princess.

Published by: Jaded Ibid Press

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