Wednesday, November 6, 2013


SUITE 303 presents:
V I B E 
A pop-up exhibition organized by Mary Ann Strandell

Artists: Carla Gannis, Joy Garnett, Paul Loughney, Michael Rees 
Friday November 8, 2013 6-10pm
Saturday November 9, Brunch 10:30am . Open to 6pm


VIBE exhibition is a grouping of four artists whose work exemplifies a vibration of change and experimentation. These works are utterances in the field of their working practice. Their various configurations of media combine modalities of collage, sumi ink, digital printing, 3D printing, augmented reality and new media. Inspired by the prospect of extending my conversation with other artists' work within a studio salon, this show brings an intimate conversation between works into actual experience, a vibe of sorts  (as opposed to a representation: the blogosphere). VIBE is the first pop-up show organized in the studio/suite of artist Mary Ann Strandell. 

Carla Gannis's work invites the audience to look into the space of our unconscious self. It's a fleeting measure, a spatial dynamic in velocity and it's impossible stasis. In her piece, Re(presented) Oct 09 [Tortoise Shell Glasses], the corporal self has a blurred presence mediated and momentarily grounded in the drawing's gaze.The tortoise shell glasses place the audience in real time while the techno-color op motion allows us to traverse into a hyperspace, a 21st century platonic environment.

Joy Garnett 's series of ink washes interweave the machine of culture with lyrical gestures about industrial feats as far-reaching as the controversial Three River Gorges Dam in China. Garnet uses an ancient chinese painting technique to adress a painful contemporary and political reality. Her responses to a stream of internet sourced images are piqued as facts are abused in a metaphorical play. The paintings further subvert this dynamic through her luscious use of ink and oil painting.

Paul Loughney's collage and montage studies carve out a mediated space that is both eerie and gorgeous. It is like anticipating the outcome of an Alfred Hitchcock film. The audience knows and recognizes the place, the pulp, the lighting, and yet Loughney turns the dial enough and places us in a mis-reality between some very private thought and an unforeseen outcome.

Michael Rees's augmented reality works combine physical sculpture, printed image, 3d rendering, and an interactive app to form a sculptural drawing that brings the audience into a complex semiotic. The confluence of contrasting images read as paradoxical signage with a diagrammatic use of dark humor. With iPhone in hand, a kinetic shift of the virtual space overlaps the target image: two distinct image groups form a conflicting mis en scène, a comedy of errors.

-mary ann strandel 11.03.2013

SUITE 303 is part of Strandell's movable studio life.

VIBE Exhibition _Installation Nov.

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